Exclusive interview: david fumero talks ‘power’

We mix pathways with Power star David Fumero for the latest feature. Connecting in New You are able to City, professional photographer Oscar Correcher captures the 43-year-old actor inside a casual wardrobe for that man on the run.

Before Power, Fumero established his acting roots on a single Existence to reside. The Cuban actor performed Cristian Vega between your many years of 1998 and 2012. Reflecting around the transition from soap opera to drama, Fumero shares, “I think every actor enjoys playing different figures. The actual challenging work always happens when you start developing a character. His history, his relationship with other figures, the development of past encounters that induce a particular stimuli for his existence that’s being written in our.Inches

Fumero continues, “This can also be something which can grow with time but, after playing Cristian for such a long time and inside the fast pace of the soap opera, before long it is really an old hat. Playing somebody new is definitely challenging, only one which comes with many different excitement. All of the fun is incorporated in the challenge!”

DAVID FUMERO On A Single Existence To Reside FANS

Although One Existence to reside discontinued the environment in 2013, the fandom remains strong. Fumero explains, “One Existence to reside fans are awesome. They love Cristian! Especially since I’ve spent a lot time on screen together. I’m still contacted more due to Cristian than Mike. Plus, Cristian would be a lot simpler to like.Inches


Power is really a blazing in demand show for Starz. The show’s season three premiere broke records for that network by having an initial audience of two.26 million. Discussing the draw from the hit series, Fumero notes, “Power is really a reveal that always backs itself right into a corner after which, using what you least expect, pulls itself out.”

Fumero also brings focus on Power’s setting, explaining, “And the truth that it’s based and shot in New You are able to provides you with the sensation that you’re watching via a window at something real. It’s conflict and drama at it’s best. Survival from the fittest within the jungle that New You are able to is really. For me personally it’s just like a contemporary Boardwalk Empire but at light speed.”


With regards to his Power character, Mike Sandoval, Fumero is quick to describe, “Mike and that i aren’t anything alike, and that’s why I’m getting a lot fun playing him.” Fumero continues, “In accessory for loving my job playing Mike, I’ve greater enthusiasm being place in the world of Power. I really like the sensation of adding to this kind of amazing body of labor.Inches

Season three of Power introduced a fascinating development to Fumero’s character. The growing season close shocked when Mike wiped out Greg, who’d discovered his role like a double agent. Fumero recalls, “When I just read the script where I shot Greg, as David, I had been sad that which was the finish of my work on the program with Andy Bean. But simultaneously I felt like I had been adding to another shocking move ahead our show, and there is a high behind that. I will tell you that season four will probably be a helluva ride! So…hold on!”

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