John Parry: London artist unveils video for summer time single ‘Love Drunk Punch’

John Parry: London artist unveils video for summer time single ‘Love Drunk Punch’


John Parry is barely from college but he’s already impressing with a number of self-promoted shows along with a slot on BBC Presenting.

He has got a Jamie T crackle to his voice along with a similar easy-going charm, writing simple, appealing tunes that take notice of the small details that surround him.

Listen if you want: Jamie T, Mac DeMarco, The Cribs

We are premiering the recording for Parry’s summer time single ‘Love Drunk Punch’ which sees him wandering round Amsterdam together with his bandmates and becoming to the usual mischief – take a look and let’s read your comments:

Q&A with John Parry

What exactly are you hearing right now?

My music library, right now, is easily the most eclectic it’s have you been. I am listening to numerous drum and bass in the minute and it is pushing my music right into a more aggressive style, that is apparent for each other Drunk Punch. It isn’t exactly ‘Fabric’ sounding but it is a gateway into an enormous amount of that much like Ben Howard, Arctic Apes and also the Roads. I believe, personally, this will complement the greater aggressive songs which come lower the road later on.

What exactly are your plans for that summer time right now?

I had been wishing to experience a few festivals but it is simply not happening. It appears like being unsigned and never getting a quirk and genuinely getting a genuine story to inform does not get the feet in. I am likely to be busy with this particular release and I am glad. It’s doing my nut in not getting almost anything to do because songs stack up and also you can’t vent it to some crowd of hot sweaty physiques. If the does not exercise, I swear I am gonna consider a quirk. Pearly King singer-songwriter, maybe? Estimate that would get me to Glasto the coming year?

That which was the very first gig you performed, what is actually been the very best to date?

My first gig what food was in school. Me and my ‘deep’ band performed Nirvana’s Teen Spirit. We thought it might get us women but hardly having the ability to play an F Chord did not woo them for whatever reason. The very best gig was a few several weeks ago. I released an Air known as Enough and that i held a release party for this also it was awesome. It had been inside a shop inside a market everybody was business faces and also the crowd made the climate.

I’d ‘Love Drunk Punch’ chanted back at me also it was honestly the very best performance I’ve ever place in. I felt emotionally drained after it for a few days but I am wishing to top that within the coming days. And again whether it does not exercise you are likely to visit a Pearly King singer-songwriter headline the primary stage at Glasto the coming year.

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