Community conservation leaders gather in Nairobi to forge social contract on wildlife

Community conservation leaders gather in Nairobi to forge social contract on wildlife


The Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association (KWCA) working together with the Conservation Alliance of Kenya (CAK) held a conference of conservationists and key influencers in Nairobi recently to forge a social contract, contacting communities coping with wildlife to reconnect with and work at the conservation of Kenya’s natural heritage.

The meeting, located in the Serena Hotel in Nairobi, centered on the urgent requirement for both private landowners and also the community more broadly to keep open space for wildlife, reduce human wildlife conflict and finish the illegal wildlife trade. Your Cabinet Secretary from the Atmosphere and Natural Sources, Professor Judi Wakhungu was at attendance, in addition to Pat Awori along with other conservationists, traditional leaders and community people.

Steve Itela, Director of Operations and Partnerships in the Africa Network for Animal Welfare stated: “We couldn’t do conservation with no people. Wildlife exists due to people. You want to reconnect using the wildlife. The entire focus here’s to examine our past strategies which appear to not have labored, and also to observe how we are able to create new innovative ideas which will really bring wildlife and individuals together.”

In the meeting it had been discussed how local neighborhoods, particularly individuals living nearest to wildlife, could achieve coexistence using their natural atmosphere, and lower costs connected with coping with wildlife. The city and conservation leaders promised to do this to be able to conserve wildlife and also the legendary species which Kenya’s image and economy depends upon.

The meeting was certainly one of a number of occasions prior to the Giants Club Summit and also the Ivory Burn held on April 29th and 30th. It u . s . traditional leaders, community people, private conservancy proprietors and conservationists from various regions and conservation areas, inside a bid to sustain and promote reconnection with wildlife.

Among individuals speaking in the event were Tom Lalampaa, Chief Programmes Officer from the Northern Rangelands Trust Dickson Kaelo, Founding Ceo from the KWCA and Samson Parashina, Maasai Warrior and President and Chairman from the Maasai Backwoods Conservation Trust.

“This event is essential for those communities round the entire country, in the Kenyan coast through Nairobi in to the Mara, then across into Laikipia – each and every area of the country is symbolized here with one voice. You want to conserve and safeguard the wildlife and also the habitat of those creatures,” stated Jackson Looseyia, Mara safari guide and businessman, along with a panellist in the event.

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