Don’t create a hashtag of the employment chances

Don’t create a hashtag of the employment chances


Based on the Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey 2015, 92 percent of companies use social networking like a recruitment tool. Fire off a credit card applicatoin and you may bet your bottom dollar they’ll be throughout yourself on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – so heed the training learnt from your predecessors.

In 2008 – once the world was much less au fait with social networking than today – Virgin Atlantic sacked 13 flight family and friends for criticising their safety standards and describing passengers as ‘chavs’ on Facebook. Numerous have fallen foul of the dodgy publish since, frequently leading to demotion or dismissal. Job-seekers’ CVs, meanwhile, finish up in the virtual trash.

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The large social networking no-nos include, clearly, anything which may be construed as offensive, abusive or unprofessional – whether that’s a remark you are making yourself, a picture you publish, or whatever you ‘like’, discuss, share, reTweet or else link yourself with internet. Setup personal social networking account with less apparent name and thoroughly managed settings if you wish to air your views freely.

Otherwise, tread carefully. Be careful about your grammar and spelling on public profiles, don’t swear, avoid bad-taste jokes, and be cautious before publishing individuals drunk holiday photographs. Never criticise someone else in charge or complain in regards to a friend either prospective employers have a dim view.

That’s the cautionary tale. The far better side of the story is the fact that 56 percent of recruiters say they find a few of their best candidates through social systems, states Jobvite. Make use of this to your benefit. Increase your odds of being headhunted by including information on your education, experience and skills in your profile and peppering it with keywords to make sure it appears on the search. Reveal that you’re passionate and abreast with industry news by joining relevant groups and ‘liking’, ‘following’ or else marrying your social networking accounts with relevant links.

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On LinkedIn, setup job alerts and fasten with any potentially helpful contacts – ideally getting endorsements from their store too. On Twitter, look for specific keywords and hashtags, and Tweet about developments in your sector. Understand what potential recruiters are curious about, too: Jobvite states 74 percent need to see the duration of your average job tenure and 34 percent are searching for mutual connections.

Overall, remember that social networking has altered the character of recruitment, supplying more possibilities that you should highlight your talent and provide something of the character and interests. Only use just a little good sense publish with recruiters in your mind.


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