Rose McGowan blasts film critic for ‘damaging’ essay about Renee Zellweger’s face

Rose McGowan blasts film critic for ‘damaging’ essay about Renee Zellweger’s face


Rose McGowan has accused a movie critic of behaving “indefensibly” by writing what she referred to as a “vile, damaging and cruel” essay about Renee Zellweger’s face.

Dissecting Zellweger’s face for indications of any changes is becoming something of trend that started once the Bridget Johnson actress made an appearance on the red carpet to go to the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards in 2014.

She Zellweger faced an unparalleled degree of speculation about her appearance and suggestions of cosmetic surgery when photos in the event were circulated.

On 30 June, Variety film critic Owen Gleiberman became a member of the chorus of speculation about Zellweger’s face within an essay analyzing the result of cosmetic surgery and it is place inside the film industry.


In the piece, “If She No More Appears Like Herself Has She Be a Different Actress?”, Mr Gleiberman asked whether Zellweger choose to go into surgery and also the impact this might dress in the thought of her character.

He stated he’d been “caught off guard” by Zellweger’s appearance within the trailer for Bridget Jones’ Baby, writing: “Celebrities, like other people, have the authority to look nonetheless they want, however the figures they play end up part of us. I all of a sudden felt like something have been removed.Inches

Mr Gleiberman also deflected on her behalf appearance at age 25, where he recommended Zellweger was beautiful in the manner an “ordinary person” was, away from the way “that the Nicole Kidman or perhaps a Jennifer Aniston was”. It had been this, he argues, that saw her “hit her stride” as “an remarkable ordinary” girl in Bridget Johnson.

“Zellweger, more than any star of her era, is a poster girl for the concept every single one people is gorgeous in only the way in which God made us,” he ongoing.

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McGowan, an actress who recently is becoming an activist for women’s issues, issued a scathing open letter to Mr Gleiberman in reaction. Inside a piece printed within the Hollywood Reporter, McGowan blasted his essay for reinforcing the white-colored male established order and propagating the worry she stated Hollywood instils in actors.

“Renee Zellweger is a person, with feelings, having a existence, with love with triumphs and struggles, much like average folks,“ writes McGowan.

Rose McGowan, 42

Fundamental info

Born in Italia, McGowan increased in a sizable commune before relocating to the united states aged 10 and settling in La like a teen.


Most widely known on her role in america supernatural series Charmed, McGowan has additionally made an appearance in films for example Scream and Planet Terror.


McGowan has campaigned for several women’s issues and feminist causes.

“Her crime, based on you, keeps growing older in ways you do not agree to. Who’re you to definitely agree to anything? Your work is vile, damaging, stupid and cruel. Additionally, it reeks of established order white-colored-male privilege.”

McGowan spoke out against industry sexism in June 2015, claiming she’d been came by her agent for tweeting casting call instructions that needed her to put on cleavage enhancing brazier and form fitting leggings.

Zellweger has stated little as a result of articles analysing her appearance, without doubt aware any response she does give would only actually fan the flames. However in December she did address the result it had on her behalf confidence, saying simply: “What good originates from understanding that something of that nature happened? Less fear.”

Variety declined to comment.

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