‘Vulgar’ vagina calligrapher Sun Ping banned from China Artists Association

‘Vulgar’ vagina calligrapher Sun Ping banned from China Artists Association


A Chinese calligrapher has been suspended in the China Artists Association for any performance piece featuring women painting with brushes locked in their vaginas.

Sun Ping’s membership from the professional government-brought body continues to be revoked, using the group announcing their decision as a result of his “sexual calligraphy”.

The 63-year-old artist shocked art fans together with his show, in addition to his utilization of genital hair for brush pens.

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Chinese government bodies were informed about Ping’s “vulgar” project and expelled him for failing to stick to the nation’s association’s artistic standards, claiming that his art is “wantonly defiled calligraphy and trampled over civilisation”.

“In the past few years, Sun Ping used the performance art to advertise ‘sexual calligraphy’ in China and overseas,” read an announcement in the CAA. “The public have looked lower on there. After analysis, his conduct has indeed caused adverse social impact and great harm to the status of Chinese Artists Association.”

Ping argues that his intention ended up being to demonstrate the bond between art, your body and creativeness towards China’s “sexual taboos”. He’s apparently been displaying vaginal calligraphy since 2006 without repercussions, getting first became a member of the CAA in 1985 after graduating in the Guangdong Academy of proper Arts.

“My art may appear ugly and vulgar around the outdoors because we’re clouded by concepts and conventions, but there’s also elegance, beauty and inner value,” Ping stated, based on Metro, from the “extremely conservative” association’s decision.

“If art is revered then why can’t sex be too? A vagina is simply too frequently labelled as vulgar but it’s where all of us originate from.Inches

Ping has attempted sexual styles in the earlier projects, particularly for “Wet Dreams” which featured semen-stained bedsheets to “express the spirit’s frustration”.

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